2/3/18 – 2/9/18

We love Recognizing our Elite mentoring group / GOYA TOP 10 mentors of Roryricord.com for their dedication, passion and hard work.

These mentors are the biggest contributors this week in helping as many students see the value of how powerful Link Post Blogging is.

ALL MENTORS are volunteers, and have entered the mentorship as students first.

“When the Student is READY, The teacher magically appears.” Great teachers these students have become.

Feel free to click on our TOP 10 Mentors names and you’ll get linked directly to their own Link Post Blogging Sites to see how they do it.


This week’s TOP 10 is based on TOTAL Income earned through System set ups, VIP Upgrades, Social Media set ups.



2.   Donna Meyer– Regional Vice President (13 New System Set-ups)

3.   Kathleen MetzlerTeam Co’ordinator (12 New System Set-ups)

4.   Jennifer LangfordTeam Co’ordinator (10 New System Set-ups)

5.   Linda Horn– Team Co’ordinator

6.   Leslie Jones– Senior Vice President

7.   Wayne Dessert– Team Co’ordinator

8.   Paul Rankin– Team Co’ordinator (1 VIP Upgrade, 1 Social set up)

9.   Melissa Goebel– Executive Mentor

10. Jason Haseltine– Team Co’ordinator


Great job to all of you this week!


WE (Rory and Steve) LOVE FOOTBALL! We’ve coached together.

It’s easy to look at football and assume it’s almost entirely physical. But the emotional and mental aspects of the game are just as important and impactful.

Becoming a champion (and succeeding in anything you do, really) is just as much about mindset, mental awareness and preparation as anything else.

Create a personal philosophy.

If there is not a clear outline of what we want to achieve and, more importantly, who we must become to accomplish that goal, we’re wasting our time.

When we talk about training the mind, it becomes almost fruitless to have mental skills if there’s nothing to calibrate who you are and who you’re becoming, Which is where your personal philosophy comes in. The idea is to physically write down your personal guiding philosophy, which you will then use to line up your thoughts, your words and your actions across any environment.

There is a sense of power that comes from a personal philosophy. Just as many legendary icons began by reverse engineering their own paths to success, we must also start with the end in mind to become who we wish to be. Take some time, put pen to paper and begin to define your own personal philosophy.

Find a rugged and hostile environment.

In order to become your best at anything, you have to train yourself to perform in rugged and hostile environments. The rugged and hostile environment is relative. It does not have to be physically dangerous to be rugged.

What this means is, any environment where your heart starts to thump because you know that something is (or will be) on the line. The key here is to step out of your comfort zone.

For athletes, this may be playing against a rival teammate in a packed stadium. The Elite Mentoring Group (More specifically GOYA Group) environment is definitely filled with heart thumps. Those that “do” one day, and don’t do (or quit) the next day.

Protocols that expect attention to detail, to a follow up process that is very rewarding but sometimes not fun.

Whatever you want to succeed at, you have to push yourself past your comfort zone in order to achieve greatness.

Train your brain for optimism.

In sports, business and life, it’s important to focus on the positive in every experience.

First, you have to acknowledge that change is possible. Both optimism and pessimism are learned behaviors.

Next, become aware of your inner dialogue. Everyone has negative thoughts at times. The worst thing you can do is ignore them. Instead, acknowledge them, examine the causes behind them, learn from them, and move on.

The last key to training your brain for optimism is to simply focus on the good things in life. It’s not enough to try to see the good. Write  down at least three good things at the end of each day. This not only causes your subconscious to focus on the good, but also sends you to bed in a better headspace.

Pay attention to recovery.

It’s impossible to grow physically or mentally if you’re constantly exhausted. In order to perform at your highest possible levels, you have to pay attention to recovery each and every day.

Focus on the four pillars of recovery: sleep, diet and hydration, movement and exercise, and mental practices such as meditation after a long day. If you’re going to be a top performer in your field, whether in sports or in life, you have to make time for and focus on recovery.

Be driven, but avoid attachment.

If you’re going to be a champion, you have to be driven. You have to want to succeed so badly that you are willing to push yourself like you never have before. Despite all your best efforts, there will be times that no matter what you do, you fail. So it’s important to strike the proper balance between being driven to succeed and the outcome.

It’s alright to be upset by failure, especially in the moment. It’s what you do after the failure that defines you. Every failure is a learning experience and can push us forward in ways nothing else can. Keeping a growth mindset not only allows you to learn from your mistakes; it ensures you never repeat them again, making you much more experienced and aware in the process.

A high-performance mentality and lifestyle are critical components to finding success in business, sports and life. Whether it be in football, or building your business, these tactics will help you get there.  


-Rory Ricord, Founder / Chief Executive Officer

-Steve Neo, Managing Partner / Chief Operations Officer