12/23/17 – 12/29/17

Recognizing some of the AMAZING mentors in the Roryricord.com Link Post Blogging business for their dedication, passion and hard work.

These mentors are the biggest contributors this week in helping as many students see the value of how powerful Link Post Blogging is.

ALL MENTORS at Roryricord.com entered the mentorship as students first, and great teachers they have become.

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2.   Donna MeyerRegional Vice President

3.   Kathleen MetzlerTeam Co’ordinator

4.   Paul Rankin– Team Co’ordinator

5.   Jason Haseltine– Team Co’ordinator

6.   Linda Horn– Team Co’ordinator

7.   Jennifer Swan– Team Co’ordinator

8.   Jennifer Langford– Team Co’ordinator

9.   Kevin McConnell– Executive Mentor

10. Melissa Goebel– Executive Mentor


Well, this is it for 2017. Paul Feldman has been an extraordinary contributor, producer and mentor. He started 2017 as #1, and will end 2017 as #1. Paul, on behalf of Steve and I, Thank you for your consistent leadership. I know that 2018 will be even bigger for you, and your key to success has been your CONSISTENCY in everything you do.


CONSISTENCY in your time with taking in leads…


CONSISTENCY in your follow up efforts.


CONSISTENCY in feeding your anchor offers.


CONSISTENCY with how you train and mentor your students through their process.


I know that 2018 will be big for anyone here that wants to adopt Paul’s (and DONNA’s) CONSISTENCY.


The most valuable form of discipline is the one that you impose upon yourself. Don’t wait for things to happen. Don’t wait for someone else to impose discipline on you because you’ve allowed for things to deteriorate.  


We’ve provided the equal playing field for everyone and anyone that wants to do in 2018 what Paul Feldman has done in 2017.


You’ve got to understand our protocols and execute with precision.


You’ve got to be willing to get uncomfortable and BE comfortable with being uncomfortable.


You’ve got to VALUE and appreciate your opportunity, as that becomes your conviction which is then your power to move people to action.


It does not matter if we lay out the perfect business opportunity (Which we have),


If you are not willing to make the necessary changes in your circumstances, your mind set, your commitment level, your skill set so that you can take advantage of having it all right at your fingertips.


With all that being said, We thank you for your commitment and We thank you for being a part of our small (in relation to what we’ve done and where we are going) family here at Roryricord.com


Having an even better 2018 has already started. Make sure that you are completely on board so that you can look back a year from now and love what you’ve built.


-Rory Ricord, Founder / Chief Executive Officer

-Steve Niumatalolo, Managing Partner / Chief Operations Officer