1/20/18 – 1/26/18

We love Recognizing our Elite mentoring group / GOYA TOP 10 mentors of Roryricord.com for their dedication, passion and hard work.

These mentors are the biggest contributors this week in helping as many students see the value of how powerful Link Post Blogging is.

ALL MENTORS are volunteers, and have entered the mentorship as students first.

“When the Student is READY, The teacher magically appears.” Great teachers these students have become.

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This week’s TOP 10 is based on Income earned through System set ups, VIP Upgrades, Social Media set ups.



2.   Paul Feldman– Regional Vice President 

3.   Jennifer LangfordTeam Co’ordinator

4.   Kathleen MetzlerTeam Co’ordinator

5.   Natosha Copedge Operations Manager, Mentor Support

6.   Linda Horn– Team Co’ordinator

7.   Shane Belceto– Executive Mentor

8.   Melissa Goebel– Executive Mentor

9.   Leslie JonesSenior Vice President

10. Paul Rankin– Team Co’ordinator


One of my very first mentors who has passed on, shared a story with me in Australia many years ago that has changed my life.

Here is my version of his story of the Law of Sowing and reaping. It comes from the Bible. At the time he said, I am an amateur on the Bible, but this is such a useful story.

Firstly, the sower was ambitious. Secondly, He had excellent seed. The sower who sowed the seed had excellent seed. The excellent seed is the excellent opportunity with a Link Post Blogging System, an excellent offer, an excellent article. So we’ve got an ambitious sower with excellent seed.

The sower goes out to sow the seed, but the first part of the seed falls by the wayside and the birds get it. TAKE NOTE. The birds are going to get some of the seed. Now you say, “Steve, what does that mean?” Well, I sent Jason an email to get started, he told me he would purchase his system at that moment. The next day I check to see where his System is, I found out Jason did not come through. I say, “I wonder why Jason didn’t come through when he told me he did.”

Now I know the answer. The birds! The birds got to him. Jason had this great idea of signing up for a Link Post Blogging System, and someone online stole it and said, “You’re not going to do or be a part of Roryricord.com, its a scam.” And he says..”Well, maybe not.” Again, the birds are going to get some of the seed.

Now when the birds get some, you’ve got two options. Number one is to chase birds. You say, “Well, let me get hold of the person who talked him out of signing up. I’ll tear him a new page.” I wouldn’t do this. Here’s what happens if you go chasing birds. You leave the field. If you go chasing birds now, you stop sowing. This is going to detract from your future, not add. So you can’t chase birds and try to straighten this stuff out. Here’s what it is. It’s just one of those things, and here’s the best comment when things are a little disappointing. “Isn’t that interesting?” You just have to say, “I thought sure he would sign up. He promised me! But I know it was the birds.” And you just have to say, “Isn’t that interesting?”

Now here’s the rest of the story. The sower kept on sowing. See, that was the secret to his success. He kept on sowing. And if you keep sowing, you can sow more than the birds can get because there aren’t enough birds. If you keep sowing, there are always some birds but there’s not enough, because the Law of Averages will work for you. My mentor taught me, “there are only nine or ten real nasty, miserable people in the whole world. Now you know they move around a lot and you’re liable to bump into one once in awhile, but when you bump into one you say “There’s only 9 more like you in the whole world – I can handle that !”

Now here’s what else it says. The sower now keeps sowing the seed. Now the seed falls, the story says, on rocky ground where the soil is shallow. And the rocky ground where the soil is shallow is not of your making, because you had excellent seed and you were an ambitious sower. But here is what it says happened. This time, the little seed that falls in the ground starts to grow and the little plant starts to grow. But the first hot day, it withers and dies. Not an easy thing to watch. I finally get Jason started. Sure enough, three or four days later somebody says “Boo!” and he’s gone–doesn’t show up on skype again. And I say, “I thought sure Jason would last a week.” What happened? The hot weather is going to get some. And this is not of your making. Here´s what you must say when that happens. “Isn’t that interesting?” What can you do? The answer is nothing.

You say, “Well, I’m going to try to change this!” I wouldn’t take that class. You know, the sun comes up in the east and somebody says, “Why is that?” I wouldn’t spend much time on that. Just let that happen. Don’t go for this why, why, why stuff. I’m giving you the answers here. The answer is in the structure and in the consequences and is in the deal. The answer is in the deal. Anything beyond that is not worth studying.

You say, “Well, how come some just last a little while?” I wouldn’t sign up for that class either. Here’s the answer: Some don’t stay.  And when some leave you say, “That’s one of those who don’t stay.” Now, you know what category to put them in, and you can’t solve this now. It’s like rearranging the seasons. You can’t fool with that. All you can do is cooperate with the way things are set up. I didn’t set it up. You say, “Well, it shouldn’t be this way.” Well, when you get your own planet you can rearrange this whole deal. but on this planet you´re a guest. You’ve got to take it as it comes.

Now, here is the secret to the ambitious sower with good seed. It said he kept on sowing. Here’s what he had to do to keep on sowing. He had to discipline his disappointment. This is a key phrase now to use for the rest of your life. You must learn to discipline your disappointment. Because you didn’t set up the set up, and some are not going to stay, and that is not of your making. Now, if you made gross errors and you ran them off, see that’d be different. You’re responsible for that. But if it’s in the normal course of things … this is just the way things are.

Here’s what it says. The sower keeps on sowing. Now it says the seed falls on thorny ground. And somebody says, “Well, how much of this do you have to go through?” Well, hang on. It’s not the end of the story. The little seed falls on thorny ground and the little plant starts to grow again, but as the little plant starts to grow, the thorns choke it to death and it dies. Take note. The thorns are going to get some. And that’s not of your making. And what are these thorns? The story even called these little thorns little cares, little distractions, little somethings.

Who knows what they all are. I said, “Jason, you told me you’d get on our tuesday night student mentoring call. You weren’t here.” And Jason says, “Well, I can’t make every call.” I say, “Why not? its only once a week.” He said, “Well, the screen door came off the hinges and you can’t just let your house fall apart. You’ve got to take some time and fix things up.”  And I can hear the thorns growing. He said, “Some extra trash had piled up in the garage. You can’t let mountains of trash take over. You’ve got to keep your trash hauled out.”

People let little things cheat them out of big opportunities, and you feel almost helpless. What could I do about that? And the answer is nothing. And you say, “Well, why is this?” I’m asking you not to sign up for that class. Don’t sign up for these, “Why is this?” classes. It’s just the way it is – like winter following fall and spring following winter. So have you got that? The thorns are going to get some.

Now here’s the good news. The sower now keeps on sowing the seed. Keeps on sharing the story. Keeps on giving an invitation.  The story can be more powerful as i grow into my role as an elite mentor, but the Law of Averages is still going to work. Now here´s what the story says. Finally the seed falls on good ground. Now put this in parentheses. It always will, if you keep sowing. If you share a good idea long enough, it will fall on good people.

So here’s the rest of that story. Some of the good ground did 30%. And some of the good ground did 60%. And some of the good ground did 100%. You say, “Well, why the difference in numbers?” I wouldn’t sign up for that class! Have I said that often enough now? Don’t register for that class. It’s just the way it is. I tried to get the 30´s to do 60. Found out it was more than I could handle. I used to say, “I’ll make them successful if it kills me.” I almost died. No, you can’t do that. Here’s what you do. Let the 30’s do 30 to the best of their ability, because that’s how they build their lifestyle and get what they want out of life. And let the 60’s do 60. And let the 100’s do 100. How can you get some to do a 100%? You’ve got to go through all these experiences and you’ve got to talk to all these people. So . . .

The message is simple. Start with ambition and excellent seed (your story) . . . keep on sowing the seed (persevere). Determination, Patience and the Law of Averages will carry you past the birds . . . the weather . . . the thorns ~ to harvest time . . . !


-Rory Ricord, Founder / Chief Executive Officer

-Steve Niumatalolo, Managing Partner / Chief Operations Officer