1/13/18 – 1/19/18

We love Recognizing our Elite mentoring group / GOYA TOP 10 mentors of Roryricord.com for their dedication, passion and hard work.

These mentors are the biggest contributors this week in helping as many students see the value of how powerful Link Post Blogging is.

ALL MENTORS are volunteers, and have entered the mentorship as students first.

“When the Student is READY, The teacher magically appears.” Great teachers these students have become.

Feel free to click on our TOP 10 Mentors names and you’ll get linked directly to their own Link Post Blogging Sites to see how they do it.


This week’s TOP 10 is based solely on Link Post Blogging System Set-ups.



2.   Donna Meyer– Regional Vice President (13)

3.   Linda Horn– Team Co’ordinator

4.   Natosha Copedge Operations Manager, Mentor Support

5.   Kevin McConnell– Executive Mentor

6.   Leslie Jones–  Senior Vice President

7.  Jennifer LangfordTeam Co’ordinator

8.  Maria Sanchez– Team Co’ordinator

9.  Kathleen MetzlerTeam Co’ordinator

10. Shane Belceto– Executive Mentor


When I take a look at the names on this TOP 10, A few KEY words OR Phrases come to mind.
























Steve and I know that it’s not hard to be successful here in Roryricord.com. Granted the current TOP 10 list consist of new system set up’s, which is extremely important and the foundation of what makes everything else work so well, hats off to all of our TOP 10 this week!


However, there are so many of you and others that are not on this list that possess these same traits with where you are in the Elite Mentoring group. Persist in learning and growing at your pace. Everyone is on their own path and while some things hold true in all of us wanting / needing our businesses to work for our families, we all come at this with different levels of activity, time, skills, passion, vision, patience and you need to know that it does not matter where you are today, because you have so much perspective today than when you got started.


With that said, just think of what time and persistency can and will create for you?! We have an amazing opportunity to reach the world together as a team, so manage your expectations. Never allow yourself to get knocked out of the box because you expect success when success does not know that you’re even knocking at its door because you have not shown up to the Success door with some of the key word traits listed.


Steve has often referenced Link post blogging as a personal development program with a compensation plan attached. Those that are consistently showing up in our TOP 10 embody this definition of our culture. Paul and Donna had to grow into their roles and that is why they are ALWAYS at the top.


Steve is convinced that our highest paid elite mentor has not even gotten into our program yet. That means when those that understand our opportunity, to be on this end of our program in an opportunity to mentor, and grow as individuals and teams..they will devour it like nothing else and take full advantage of being a part of the Elite mentoring group because they recognize the value in our culture, our protocols, our privileges in our compensation, IT’S ALL HERE.


Keep on Keepin on.


-Rory Ricord,

Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Creator of the Link Post Blogging System

-Steve Niumatalolo

Chief Operations Officer, Managing Partner