1/06/18 – 1/12/18

We love Recognizing our Elite mentoring group / GOYA TOP 10 mentors of Roryricord.com for their dedication, passion and hard work.

These mentors are the biggest contributors this week in helping as many students see the value of how powerful Link Post Blogging is.

ALL MENTORS are volunteers, and have entered the mentorship as students first.

“When the Student is READY, The teacher magically appears.” Great teachers these students have become.

Feel free to click on our TOP 10 Mentors names and you’ll get linked directly to their own Link Post Blogging Sites to see how they do it.


This week’s TOP 10 is based solely on Student Acquisition. Acquiring NEW Fast Track Students.



2.   Donna Meyer– Regional Vice President (12)

3.   Linda Horn– Team Co’ordinator (10)

4.   Shane BelcetoExecutive Mentor

5.   Jennifer LangfordTeam Co’ordinator

6.   Kathleen MetzlerTeam Co’ordinator

7.   Melissa Goebel– Executive Mentor

8.   Kevin McConnell– Executive Mentor

9.   Jason Haseltine– Team Co’ordinator

10. Maria Sanchez– Team Co’ordinator


It was really awesome connecting with all of you this week on our Elite mentoring group mentors call. I know that the proven strategies that I lay out on that call work if you do. A copy of that call is being posted in your EMG training area, re-listen to it as many times as you need for it to sink in.


Continue to put your best foot forward. Yes, we put the responsibility for our students success squarely on our students shoulders, as it should be. “life is a DO IT YOURSELF project” – Steve Niumatalolo.


However you are their mentor for a reason. You are on HIGHER ground. You can see what they can’t. You provide HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT, PERSPECTIVE and yes, INSPIRATION. Lets not forget that.


Our students are the reason we have such an amazing opportunity to give back and build together, and while some students may make it very challenging to give them a first class experience, that is what we will always strive for and should always be your aim.


Congratulations TOP 10!! Linda Horn getting into double digit production of New Students to coach and mentor, I love it!! We will be covering more with you all on our EMG call monday night, make sure that you are always there. What you miss out on can be just what you need for your success.


-Rory Ricord, Founder / Chief Executive Officer

-Steve Niumatalolo, Managing Partner / Chief Operations Officer